Dec 29 2015


*audio remov-

“A letter of high importance to one Emeria Faustus;
People around the site have begun to call these beings “Children of the Wisp”. We aren’t quite sure what they are anymore, as it appears the regular child-like features distort to unnatural angles once the individual has encountered/followed the Wisp. From what we can tell, their presence seems to disrupt R.O.T Hybrids and cause audio blackouts to all audio that is not directly the Child’s own, making for very terrifying playback of R.O.T footage. Please answer ASAP as there is something of grave importance we must discuss.
– Evangeline Calle”

Closed Captions

0:00 – I’ve been searching for close to six hours for this kid
0:03 – last i heard they were taken under the tag 007F
0:06 – im not here to free her though
0:08 – i’ve been trying to track down the wisplings for
0:11 – about four days now
0:13 – i’ve looked everywhere in the recruitment building
0:16 – this is really the last part, but im not expecting much
0:20 – honestly at this point I
0:23 – shit i heard something
0:26 – this place is way too creepy for any sane kid
0:30 – FUCK
0:33 – did you hear that?
0:34 – yeah what the hell was that?
0:36 – it echoed down the hall, I’d keep an eye out for something, Cross
0:43 – Hey Mike
0:44 – Yeah?
0:47 – Calvin, what?
0:50 – Take a look at this
0:51 – Oh shit, looks recently eaten
0:53 – Yeah, means the thing is around here somewhere
0:57 – Oh my god
1:00 – CROSS RU-
1:01 – MIKE NO
1:01 – SHIT
1:02 – OH MY GOD, OH MY GO-
1:17 – oh my god mike’s dead
1:19 – he’s dead
1:21 – oh my god
1:21 – Oh my god


Creature at 0:58

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 1.30.44 PM

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