The Letter

The Beginning

On Friday, March 27, 2015, Hunter_Omega of the Unfiction forums claimed to have received an odd letter in the mail. He posted photos of the letter later that day.

ESD letter 1

ESD letter 2

The letter reads:

in the

Sunday, 3:04
Chat Avenue
Video Chat


The letter appears to utilize mirror-writing, but judging from the Clorox label…

ESD Clorox

…the photos themselves have simply been flipped.

The original photos must have been:

ESD letter 1 flipped

ESD letter 2 flipped

After meeting with the sender on Chat Avenue, Hunter_Omega reported that they left a cryptic message and a link to a youtube channel:


The Reveal

On December 24, 2015 Hunter_Omega admitted that he was put up to creating the thread, meaning that he is likely also the original creator of the letter.

ESD Hunter_Omega calls out sio2coleopatra

Despite this, the ARG is ongoing.


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