Doctor Emeria Faustus

A doctor and/or scientist involved with HooH and the R.O.T. hybrids. Apparently has a significant amount of influence, as he often and is on highly important matters. He makes a formal apology in the comment on video and is featured in the in a letter from Jovert Hendrickson.

Jovert Hendrickson

Implied to be highly influential, judging from his . Role in HooH unknown.


Full name unknown. Abducted by an unknown creature.

Doctor Albert Richter

Another doctor and/or scientist involved with the R.O.T. hybrids. regarding the evacuation of Site o46.

Calvin Cross

A member of the R.O.T. Hybrid experimental division who . Does not believe the R.O.T. hybrids should be treated. Filmed the “” and “” videos, in which he attempted to Instant Knockout track down a Child of the Wisp and the Wisp respectively. Possibly filmed video . Witnessed the death of Mike and the insanity of Marcus. Wounded in “dark,” either by the Wisp or by Marcus.


Member of the HooH security department.

Ahab Schroeder

Has information regarding the .


Searched for a Child of the Wisp with Calvin Cross in an Was killed in the same video, presumably by the Child.

Evangeline Calle

about the Children of the Wisp.


Searched for the Wisp with Calvin Cross in “.” Saw the Wisp and went insane.

Captain Ishmael Czarvis

Captain of the Meec Exodus Cruiser. Filmed video . He, Shepard, and his team are depicted traveling across the Sands of Nexia in the video. Refers to himself as a “Cybernetic monster” and rejects the idea that he is one of humanity’s protectors. Shoots and kills a Sethe.

David Shepard

Accompanies Captain Czarvis in video . Seems to believe humanity is dying.


Contacts Captain Czarvis over the radio in video and advises him to evacuate before a firestorm kills his team.

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