Individual Reflection by Catalina Ruiz de Gamboa

In retrospect, I wish we had chosen a different ARG. Everybody Screams in the Dark was interesting, but because it was so new, there cartier love bangle really was little to draw from it. Had it been older, or established earlier ago, there would have been more interaction with it. There was an interesting idea, with the silent fake cartier bracelets
videos only really being understandable if the Closed Captioning was activated.

The constant hermes bracelets use of jump scares are not something I’m particularly big on. Unless done properly, they are a cheap ploy to get a quick thrill from the viewer, and it doesn’t stay with them. However, there were a few instances during ESD that had efficient jump scares. This is because of the silence that permeates the majority of the videos. Since there is little to no sound in them, where there finally is a sound, it’s startling. Especially when it’s a scream with a creature attached to it.

This ARG relied heavily on viewer speculation. There was an interesting comment I found on a forum. User drseussicide said the following:
“This is the sort of thing that looks cool without any story. Spooky videos =/= worldbuildin or atmosphere. It’s just aesthetic.
I remember when I thought that if something was visually appealing that it could attract interest, and then I could develop story after, it doesn’t work that way. You have to make people invested in what you’re making before you try to blow their minds.
Especially when your video is only a bunch of flipped images and walking. No payoff, No Build, No Release. Just boring.
Oh, but it LOOKED cool.”

I think this comment encapsulates the issue¬†with ESD. While the visuals are decent, they’re tired. They’re really nothing new to it (aside from the utilization of the CC), and that’s what it needs.

However, I have to remember that it is still in its infancy, especially compared to other ARGs. I hope that the creator, or creators, find their footing soon. On the Internet, it’s easy for something to lose its fans if it doesn’t grab their attention immediately. Better start pulling it together, ESD.


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