R.O.T. Hybrids

Recordable Optical Transmitter Hybrids. HooH employs/utilizes an unknown number of them. Little is known about them other than their ability to record and transmit video footage. First mentioned in the and first review described in a comment on video . They are implied to be at least somewhat autonomous (as they are capable of escape) and either partially technological in nature or they possess the ability to interface with technology.

The [XXX]

It is unknown if the [XXX] is another known creature or something entirely new. . Responsible for the evacuation of , possibly responsible for the damage/loss of an R.O.T. hybrid, and presumed dangerous.

Subject 001 aka The Blurry Man

Referred to as “The Blurry Man” by and an unknown individual in the description of video . Possesses the ability to cause technological malfunctions and damage R.O.T. hybrids. Possibly responsible for a .

The Wisp

A highly dangerous creature that Calvin Cross and Marcus attempt to find in ““. The Wisp is known to drive those who see it to madness. It can cause audio blackouts. Marcus describes the Wisp as a demon out of hell with glowing white eyes. Marcus sees the Wisp in “” and is left there, screaming alone in the dark.

Children of the Wisp

Referred to as “wisplings” by Calvin Cross. Presumably once-human children who have encountered the Wisp, giving them unusual powers, distorting their physical appearance, and driving them mad. The have the ability to disrupt R.O.T. hybrids and cause audio blackouts. Possibly responsible for , presumed dangerous.

The Sethe

Invisible creatures that can be encountered in the Sands of Nexia. According to the , they detect and destroy errors in reality. Possibly dangerous, as Captain Czarvis is recommended to exterminate the one he encounters in video . He shoots it and confirms the kill.


An unknown creature encountered by Captain Czarvis and his team at the end of video .

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