Feb 16, 2016


Our team encountered something. An over abundance of S*th* within the Nexian S*nds may be hinting at a possible error within the main system of the Nexiu****is. More research is needed in the area, but we have contained what seems to be one of the more intelligent creatures in the area that was being attacked. For now we have the entity in medical bay, and we will attempt a translation/discussion after getting back to the Exodus.”

Closed Captions

0:01 – Captain Czarvis
0:03 – Yes Shepard?
0:06 – This place
0:07 – This is where we’re held?
0:09 – Humanity is a contained being, Shepard
0:13 – That so
0:14 – Why do we have guns, Shepard?
0:16 – To protect and destroy, Captain
0:18 – and what are we protecting, Shepard?
0:21 – What needs the protection of Cybernetic monsters, Shepard?
0:26 – Humanity is a slain pig.
0:28 – It remains bleeding, dying out, but still functional.
0:30 – *yells* We’re fighters, David.
0:33 – Not humanity’s god-damned protectors.
0:36 – Alright men, let’s move out!
0:38 – The Sands of Nexia they call this place hm?
0:41 – I can see why. Place is, well, sandy.
0:44 – They’re the Bleeding Sands of Nexia.
0:45 – The red sky here has a sort of effect on the metalic sand later in the, well, not day but you know.
0:51 – It’s beautiful.
0:52 – Makes the sand and rocks red.
0:55 – Like that one?
0:56 – Yup.
0:57 – This is the cliff. Next right from here leads to the Grove Outpost Exelar Quelsic
1:04 – We need shade from the Nexian sun up there.
1:09 – Take a rest team, we’ll continue on in a bit
1:15 – Aye Aye Cap.
1:18 – You see that formation up ahead, Shepard?
1:23 – That is where we are headed.
1:37 – Alright, want me to scout ahead?
1:39 – Affirmative. Keep that shit loaded.
1:41 – *mumbles* No telling where the Sethe are.
1:43 – *radio clicks* This is Bismuth, Captain Czarvis please be advised:
1:46 – Fire storm off to the right is giving Command trouble monitoring the Sethe. Keep an eye out Sir.
1:49 – Gotcha, thanks for the heads up
1:52 – *radio clicks off*
1:56 – Load up men, shit’s about to get interesting.
2:17 – Waves are picking up something
2:20 – Forward bound, ARM UP.
2:23 – Sir the scans are picking one up right in front of us.
2:27 – Well then, Mr. Shepard, let’s find out if the scans are right.
2:30 – Stay armed team.
2:35 – *headset speaker* Sethe in proximity. Immediate extermination required and advised.
2:40 – Yeah yeah, same song and bullshit dance.
2:43 – *radio* Sethe in proximity. Immediate extermination required and advised.
2:50 – *radio* Firestorm warning in effect
2:52 – *radio* All personnel prepare for immediate evac
2:54 – Sure, evac.
2:55 – Bismuth, you there?
2:57 – *radio* Yes, sir, are you ready for the evac?
2:58 – Delay the Evac for a few. I’m just starting to have fun.
3:00 – *radio* But, Captain Czarvis, you aren’t equipped to withstand a firest-
3:02 – No shit cloudboy, but this is an order.
3:03 – *radio* Alright Captain but please be advised you have nearly two minutes befo-
3:06 – Yeah, yeah. Before I’m fried to a crispy black and abandoned, yeah I know Bismuth.
3:10 – *radio* Sir I’m not sure this is the best idea.
3:12 – Alright you flying fuck. Let’s see how well you scan this!
3:14 – Ha, got it!
3:15 – Good one Captain now can we please get out of here?
3:17 – Yeah, grab your gear we’re headed to the Evac point.
3:19 – Arms loaded, no telling when another’s going to show up.
3:31 – One more shot for good measure.
3:37 – Yeah, dead. Alright move out!
3:52 – Let’s go, go!
3:54 – The Evac is just beyond this red field. If we can make it in just under a minute we’ll be-
3:57 – *loud thunder*
3:58 – Shit, let’s get a move on team!
4:02 – GO GO GO!
4:05 – Once we get to point we can shut down the stabilizers and-
4:09 – *tremendous roar*
4:10 – oh fuck me
4:11 – Caution team, got ourselves a Hydra


The censored words in the description are likely “Sethe,” “Nexian Sands,” and “Nexiumadris.” These are references to the Arkn Mythos. According to the wiki, the Nexiumadris is a realm that humanity was moved to for its own protection, in which timelines duplicate infinitely. These timelines/realities float above the Sands of Nexia, an infinitely-expanding, bleeding desert. The Sethe police the various realities by preventing and correcting errors.

In the video description, Captain Czarvis states that, “An over abundance of S*th* within the Nexian S*nds may be hinting at a possible error within the main system of the Nexiu****is.” He may be implying that the events of Everybody Screams in the Dark are the result of an error within the fabric of reality itself.

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