Dec 29 2015



My name is Calvin Cross an- th- f-llow-ng fo-ta-e is v-r- i-p-r–nt. I -as a-s-g-ed o- t- t-e R.O.T H-b–d e-pe-im-ntal -ivisi-n o- a- exe-uti-e b–n-h wi–in a m—-rious -ver-w-tch-g o–an-zati-n I k-ow no–ing ab-u-.
D- –t tr–t the o–er R.O.T H—-ds. P—-e. Th– a-e –t hu–nity’s l— -o-e f– ob-ai-ing kn–led-e of -he X—cr—o–s—————————­—–X

“Greetings, Issiah. I regret to inform you and the rest of the security department that there has been a breach in access across numerous sections of our grids. vigrx plus review We are not sure if the breach is due to the Blurry Man, or another individual, but we are certain the breach has been paralleled directly with the recent [XXX] escapee.

Please contact Ahab Schroeder for more information regarding the breach, Thank you.”


The message from Calvin Cross likely reads:

“My name is Calvin Cross and the following footage is very important. I was assigned on to the R.O.T Hybrid experimental division on an executive branch within a mysterious over-watchi(n)g  organization I know nothing about.
Do not treat the other R.O.T Hybrids. Please. They are not humanity’s last hope for obtaining knowledge of the X—cr—o–s—————————­—–X”

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