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Individual Reflection by Catalina Ruiz de Gamboa

In retrospect, I wish we had chosen a different ARG. Everybody Screams in the Dark was interesting, but because it was so new, there cartier love bangle really was little to draw from it. Had it been older, or established earlier ago, there would have been more interaction with it. There was an interesting idea, with the silent fake cartier bracelets
videos only really being understandable if the Closed Captioning was activated.

The constant hermes bracelets use of jump scares are not something I’m particularly big on. Unless done properly, they are a cheap ploy to get a quick thrill from the viewer, and it doesn’t stay with them. However, there were a few instances during ESD that had efficient jump scares. This is because of the silence that permeates the majority of the videos. Since there is little to no sound in them, where there finally is a sound, it’s startling. Especially when it’s a scream with a creature attached to it.

This ARG relied heavily on viewer speculation. There was an interesting comment I found on a forum. User drseussicide said the following:
“This is the sort of thing that looks cool without any story. Spooky videos =/= worldbuildin or atmosphere. It’s just aesthetic.
I remember when I thought that if something was visually appealing that it could attract interest, and then I could develop story after, it doesn’t work that way. You have to make people invested in what you’re making before you try to blow their minds.
Especially when your video is only a bunch of flipped images and walking. No payoff, No Build, No Release. Just boring.
Oh, but it LOOKED cool.”

I think this comment encapsulates the issue with ESD. While the visuals are decent, they’re tired. They’re really nothing new to it (aside from the utilization of the CC), and that’s what it needs.

However, I have to remember that it is still in its infancy, especially compared to other ARGs. I hope that the creator, or creators, find their footing soon. On the Internet, it’s easy for something to lose its fans if it doesn’t grab their attention immediately. Better start pulling it together, ESD.



What is Everybody Screams cartier love bracelet in the Dark?

Everybody Screams in the Dark is an ARG (Alternate Reality Game) in which a story is told through a series cartier love bangle of videos and pieces of text. Due to the fragmented nature of the story, viewers must actively search for clues and form hermes bracelets their own theories on what, exactly, is happening.

Everybody Screams in the Dark is hosted on a Youtube Channel, and all content has been mirrored on this blog.


The Channel

The Letter that Started it All

People and Creatures

Videos (in order of upload)



R.O.T. Hybrids

Recordable Optical Transmitter Hybrids. HooH employs/utilizes an unknown number of them. Little is known about them other than their ability to record and transmit video footage. First mentioned in the and first review described in a comment on video . They are implied to be at least somewhat autonomous (as they are capable of escape) and either partially technological in nature or they possess the ability to interface with technology.

The [XXX]

It is unknown if the [XXX] is another known creature or something entirely new. . Responsible for the evacuation of , possibly responsible for the damage/loss of an R.O.T. hybrid, and presumed dangerous.

Subject 001 aka The Blurry Man

Referred to as “The Blurry Man” by and an unknown individual in the description of video . Possesses the ability to cause technological malfunctions and damage R.O.T. hybrids. Possibly responsible for a .

The Wisp

A highly dangerous creature that Calvin Cross and Marcus attempt to find in ““. The Wisp is known to drive those who see it to madness. It can cause audio blackouts. Marcus describes the Wisp as a demon out of hell with glowing white eyes. Marcus sees the Wisp in “” and is left there, screaming alone in the dark.

Children of the Wisp

Referred to as “wisplings” by Calvin Cross. Presumably once-human children who have encountered the Wisp, giving them unusual powers, distorting their physical appearance, and driving them mad. The have the ability to disrupt R.O.T. hybrids and cause audio blackouts. Possibly responsible for , presumed dangerous.

The Sethe

Invisible creatures that can be encountered in the Sands of Nexia. According to the , they detect and destroy errors in reality. Possibly dangerous, as Captain Czarvis is recommended to exterminate the one he encounters in video . He shoots it and confirms the kill.


An unknown creature encountered by Captain Czarvis and his team at the end of video .


Doctor Emeria Faustus

A doctor and/or scientist involved with HooH and the R.O.T. hybrids. Apparently has a significant amount of influence, as he often and is on highly important matters. He makes a formal apology in the comment on video and is featured in the in a letter from Jovert Hendrickson.

Jovert Hendrickson

Implied to be highly influential, judging from his . Role in HooH unknown.


Full name unknown. Abducted by an unknown creature.

Doctor Albert Richter

Another doctor and/or scientist involved with the R.O.T. hybrids. regarding the evacuation of Site o46.

Calvin Cross

A member of the R.O.T. Hybrid experimental division who . Does not believe the R.O.T. hybrids should be treated. Filmed the “” and “” videos, in which he attempted to Instant Knockout track down a Child of the Wisp and the Wisp respectively. Possibly filmed video . Witnessed the death of Mike and the insanity of Marcus. Wounded in “dark,” either by the Wisp or by Marcus.


Member of the HooH security department.

Ahab Schroeder

Has information regarding the .


Searched for a Child of the Wisp with Calvin Cross in an Was killed in the same video, presumably by the Child.

Evangeline Calle

about the Children of the Wisp.


Searched for the Wisp with Calvin Cross in “.” Saw the Wisp and went insane.

Captain Ishmael Czarvis

Captain of the Meec Exodus Cruiser. Filmed video . He, Shepard, and his team are depicted traveling across the Sands of Nexia in the video. Refers to himself as a “Cybernetic monster” and rejects the idea that he is one of humanity’s protectors. Shoots and kills a Sethe.

David Shepard

Accompanies Captain Czarvis in video . Seems to believe humanity is dying.


Contacts Captain Czarvis over the radio in video and advises him to evacuate before a firestorm kills his team.

The Letter

The Beginning

On Friday, March 27, 2015, Hunter_Omega of the Unfiction forums claimed to have received an odd letter in the mail. He posted photos of the letter later that day.

ESD letter 1

ESD letter 2

The letter reads:

in the

Sunday, 3:04
Chat Avenue
Video Chat


The letter appears to utilize mirror-writing, but judging from the Clorox label…

ESD Clorox

…the photos themselves have simply been flipped.

The original photos must have been:

ESD letter 1 flipped

ESD letter 2 flipped

After meeting with the sender on Chat Avenue, Hunter_Omega reported that they left a cryptic message and a link to a youtube channel:


The Reveal

On December 24, 2015 Hunter_Omega admitted that he was put up to creating the thread, meaning that he is likely also the original creator of the letter.

ESD Hunter_Omega calls out sio2coleopatra

Despite this, the ARG is ongoing.




Feb 16, 2016


Our team encountered something. An over abundance of S*th* within the Nexian S*nds may be hinting at a possible error within the main system of the Nexiu****is. More research is needed in the area, but we have contained what seems to be one of the more intelligent creatures in the area that was being attacked. For now we have the entity in medical bay, and we will attempt a translation/discussion after getting back to the Exodus.”

Closed Captions

0:01 – Captain Czarvis
0:03 – Yes Shepard?
0:06 – This place
0:07 – This is where we’re held?
0:09 – Humanity is a contained being, Shepard
0:13 – That so
0:14 – Why do we have guns, Shepard?
0:16 – To protect and destroy, Captain
0:18 – and what are we protecting, Shepard?
0:21 – What needs the protection of Cybernetic monsters, Shepard?
0:26 – Humanity is a slain pig.
0:28 – It remains bleeding, dying out, but still functional.
0:30 – *yells* We’re fighters, David.
0:33 – Not humanity’s god-damned protectors.
0:36 – Alright men, let’s move out!
0:38 – The Sands of Nexia they call this place hm?
0:41 – I can see why. Place is, well, sandy.
0:44 – They’re the Bleeding Sands of Nexia.
0:45 – The red sky here has a sort of effect on the metalic sand later in the, well, not day but you know.
0:51 – It’s beautiful.
0:52 – Makes the sand and rocks red.
0:55 – Like that one?
0:56 – Yup.
0:57 – This is the cliff. Next right from here leads to the Grove Outpost Exelar Quelsic
1:04 – We need shade from the Nexian sun up there.
1:09 – Take a rest team, we’ll continue on in a bit
1:15 – Aye Aye Cap.
1:18 – You see that formation up ahead, Shepard?
1:23 – That is where we are headed.
1:37 – Alright, want me to scout ahead?
1:39 – Affirmative. Keep that shit loaded.
1:41 – *mumbles* No telling where the Sethe are.
1:43 – *radio clicks* This is Bismuth, Captain Czarvis please be advised:
1:46 – Fire storm off to the right is giving Command trouble monitoring the Sethe. Keep an eye out Sir.
1:49 – Gotcha, thanks for the heads up
1:52 – *radio clicks off*
1:56 – Load up men, shit’s about to get interesting.
2:17 – Waves are picking up something
2:20 – Forward bound, ARM UP.
2:23 – Sir the scans are picking one up right in front of us.
2:27 – Well then, Mr. Shepard, let’s find out if the scans are right.
2:30 – Stay armed team.
2:35 – *headset speaker* Sethe in proximity. Immediate extermination required and advised.
2:40 – Yeah yeah, same song and bullshit dance.
2:43 – *radio* Sethe in proximity. Immediate extermination required and advised.
2:50 – *radio* Firestorm warning in effect
2:52 – *radio* All personnel prepare for immediate evac
2:54 – Sure, evac.
2:55 – Bismuth, you there?
2:57 – *radio* Yes, sir, are you ready for the evac?
2:58 – Delay the Evac for a few. I’m just starting to have fun.
3:00 – *radio* But, Captain Czarvis, you aren’t equipped to withstand a firest-
3:02 – No shit cloudboy, but this is an order.
3:03 – *radio* Alright Captain but please be advised you have nearly two minutes befo-
3:06 – Yeah, yeah. Before I’m fried to a crispy black and abandoned, yeah I know Bismuth.
3:10 – *radio* Sir I’m not sure this is the best idea.
3:12 – Alright you flying fuck. Let’s see how well you scan this!
3:14 – Ha, got it!
3:15 – Good one Captain now can we please get out of here?
3:17 – Yeah, grab your gear we’re headed to the Evac point.
3:19 – Arms loaded, no telling when another’s going to show up.
3:31 – One more shot for good measure.
3:37 – Yeah, dead. Alright move out!
3:52 – Let’s go, go!
3:54 – The Evac is just beyond this red field. If we can make it in just under a minute we’ll be-
3:57 – *loud thunder*
3:58 – Shit, let’s get a move on team!
4:02 – GO GO GO!
4:05 – Once we get to point we can shut down the stabilizers and-
4:09 – *tremendous roar*
4:10 – oh fuck me
4:11 – Caution team, got ourselves a Hydra


The censored words in the description are likely “Sethe,” “Nexian Sands,” and “Nexiumadris.” These are references to the Arkn Mythos. According to the wiki, the Nexiumadris is a realm that humanity was moved to for its own protection, in which timelines duplicate infinitely. These timelines/realities float above the Sands of Nexia, an infinitely-expanding, bleeding desert. The Sethe police the various realities by preventing and correcting errors.

In the video description, Captain Czarvis states that, “An over abundance of S*th* within the Nexian S*nds may be hinting at a possible error within the main system of the Nexiu****is.” He may be implying that the events of Everybody Screams in the Dark are the result of an error within the fabric of reality itself.



Dec 31, 2015


audio-replacement: “graveyard ambiance.wav”

We managed to track the Wisp down to an abandoned tunnel in Texas. Marcus and I went down into the darkness in search of the creature.
Effects work the same way as the Children; cut audio relays until it “speaks”.
I can never quite get over the face.
What those who see it become…
alone, screaming in the dark.
It never quite leaves my memory.

Closed Captions

0:00 – so if you are watching this footage
0:02 – we’re here in uh
0:03 – where is this exactly
0:04 – Texas
0:05 – Yeah, we’re here in Texas on what is probably our best lead for the Wisp
0:10 – this thing has been plaguing HooH for years and nobody
0:13 – *cough*
0:14 – sorry, it’s cold as tits out here
0:16 – uh, nobody really knows what it is
0:25 – see, Marcus over here thinks its some kind of demon
0:27 – Aint that right Marcus
0:28 – Fuck off Calvin *laughs*
0:37 – Can’t even read this writing
0:41 – Looks foreign
0:47 – what were ya saying about the Wisp?
0:49 – that it’s a demon according to you
0:55 – yeah, it is. Straight outta hell this thing crawled
1:01 – mhm
1:05 – Why do you reckon it’s in the tunnel
1:10 – It’s dark.
1:11 – Demons love the Dark, Cal
1:16 – Yeah. It is dark.
1:30 – Alright. Let’s go smite us a demon
1:34 – How is walking away from the tunnel helping, marcus
1:39 – We’re burnin’ daylight, gonna make it easier to spot the Wisp’s eyes
1:48 – It could be anywhere in that tunnel
1:56 – Yeah. Best make sure we check all the cracks and crevices
2:07 – You sure you heard it
2:11 – I heard something behind us, I don’t know
2:23 – Get ready to keep the light on the hole
2:38 – up ahead
3:10 – See anything?
3:23 – Light up ahead
3:32 – Yeah man, I don’t think it’s in these grates
3:48 – Shit
3:48 – You hear that
3:49 – yeah, fuck
3:50 – something just moved
3:58 – I don’t
3:58 – *cough*
3:59 – See anything
4:26 – Found the light
4:27 – looks like it’s a
4:29 – SHIT
4:31 – yeah I heard it too
4:34 – the hell is that
4:37 – came from under us
4:40 – So down there
4:44 – I don’t see anything
4:46 – Yeah, that’s a negative on glowing white eyes, no demons here
4:51 – *alarm sounding*
4:52 – oh my fuck
4:53 – Marcus we tripped something
4:55 – *alarm sounding*
4:55 – Marcus
4:56 – *alarm sounding*
4:57 – Marcus what the hell is going
4:58 – *alarm sounding*
5:04 – Marcus I’m flipping the lights
5:06 – *alarm sounding*
5:10 – marcus
5:11 – marcus hey you okay
5:13 – *alarm sounding*
5:14 – Marcus we need to get the hell out of here before the Wisp
5:17 – *screaming*
5:22 – *radio crackle* Head-six this is Cal
5:25 – Head-six I repeat this is Calvin Cross
5:28 – Head-six come in, do you co
5:30 – *cough*
5:36 – god dammit
5:38 – *heavy breathing*
5:43 – *radio crackle* Head-six to Calvin Cross, requested Evac available
5:50 – thank fu-


Comments are disabled for this video.

Creature at 5:18

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 1.37.56 PM



Dec 29 2015


*audio remov-

“A letter of high importance to one Emeria Faustus;
People around the site have begun to call these beings “Children of the Wisp”. We aren’t quite sure what they are anymore, as it appears the regular child-like features distort to unnatural angles once the individual has encountered/followed the Wisp. From what we can tell, their presence seems to disrupt R.O.T Hybrids and cause audio blackouts to all audio that is not directly the Child’s own, making for very terrifying playback of R.O.T footage. Please answer ASAP as there is something of grave importance we must discuss.
– Evangeline Calle”

Closed Captions

0:00 – I’ve been searching for close to six hours for this kid
0:03 – last i heard they were taken under the tag 007F
0:06 – im not here to free her though
0:08 – i’ve been trying to track down the wisplings for
0:11 – about four days now
0:13 – i’ve looked everywhere in the recruitment building
0:16 – this is really the last part, but im not expecting much
0:20 – honestly at this point I
0:23 – shit i heard something
0:26 – this place is way too creepy for any sane kid
0:30 – FUCK
0:33 – did you hear that?
0:34 – yeah what the hell was that?
0:36 – it echoed down the hall, I’d keep an eye out for something, Cross
0:43 – Hey Mike
0:44 – Yeah?
0:47 – Calvin, what?
0:50 – Take a look at this
0:51 – Oh shit, looks recently eaten
0:53 – Yeah, means the thing is around here somewhere
0:57 – Oh my god
1:00 – CROSS RU-
1:01 – MIKE NO
1:01 – SHIT
1:02 – OH MY GOD, OH MY GO-
1:17 – oh my god mike’s dead
1:19 – he’s dead
1:21 – oh my god
1:21 – Oh my god


Creature at 0:58

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 1.30.44 PM



Dec 29 2015



My name is Calvin Cross an- th- f-llow-ng fo-ta-e is v-r- i-p-r–nt. I -as a-s-g-ed o- t- t-e R.O.T H-b–d e-pe-im-ntal -ivisi-n o- a- exe-uti-e b–n-h wi–in a m—-rious -ver-w-tch-g o–an-zati-n I k-ow no–ing ab-u-.
D- –t tr–t the o–er R.O.T H—-ds. P—-e. Th– a-e –t hu–nity’s l— -o-e f– ob-ai-ing kn–led-e of -he X—cr—o–s—————————­—–X

“Greetings, Issiah. I regret to inform you and the rest of the security department that there has been a breach in access across numerous sections of our grids. vigrx plus review We are not sure if the breach is due to the Blurry Man, or another individual, but we are certain the breach has been paralleled directly with the recent [XXX] escapee.

Please contact Ahab Schroeder for more information regarding the breach, Thank you.”


The message from Calvin Cross likely reads:

“My name is Calvin Cross and the following footage is very important. I was assigned on to the R.O.T Hybrid experimental division on an executive branch within a mysterious over-watchi(n)g  organization I know nothing about.
Do not treat the other R.O.T Hybrids. Please. They are not humanity’s last hope for obtaining knowledge of the X—cr—o–s—————————­—–X”



Dec 29 2015


“Doctor Albert Richter, head of the R.O.T regrets to inform you that the evacuation of Site o46 is indeed our response to the current [XXX] located by the R.O.T hybrid in the area.
Our loss of the R.O.T hybrid has cost us a very valued member of the team, and a friend.
Currently, we are looking in to an alternate system to put in place that will allow better protection of our R.O.T Hybrids, but with the [XXX] about, we are unable to make any progress.
A message back ASAP would be very much appreciated as well.
– Emeria Faustus”


Creature at 0:42

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 1.17.09 PM